Malunggay Therapeutic Uses

Antiviral properties:-

  It is effective against several viral strains such as: Common cold, Epstein Bar (EBV), HIV-AIDS, Warts viruses, Herpes Simplex virus etc.

Antimicrobial / Biocidal action :-

  It is effective and applied against bacterial infections such as:- Dental Caries/Toothache Infection, Syphilis, Typhoid, and Urinary Tract Infection.

Anti inflammatory properties :-

  The bark leafs and the root can be used in several inflammatory disorders like:- Rheumatism, Joint Pain, Oedema, and Arthritis.

Cancer preventing property :-

  It provides protection against tumours, Prostate cancer, Skin cancer etc. and also it has got the Radio protective effect.

Nervous Disorders :-

  The Malunggay or the Moringa has the proven results for the nervine disorders like Epilepsy, Hysteria, Headache and for spasmodic pain in stomach. The various parts of the plants such as the Root, Gum, Bark, Leave, Pods all are use full in this regard.

Immunomodulatory effect:-

  The Auto-Immune disorders like Lupus erythematosus and rheumatic arthritis, Asthma can be successfully alleviated by the consumption of the Seeds and the seed oil.

Circulatory system :-

  The leave curry and the dry powders may give complete recovery from anaemia, Hypertension, Cardiac disorders, Hypercholesterolemia.

Endocrine disorders :-

 All the Leave, Fruits, Seed, Oil, Gums are diuretic. All parts have the therapeutic properties to be used in the endocrine disorders like Thyroid, Hepatorenal and Diabetes for normalcy.

Reproductive system :-

The fruit, root, bark and gum are abortifacient. The leave promote lactation. Root, bark are aphrodisiac, Seed oil normalises the prostate function. The bark if properly used has the female contraceptive property.

 (Reff-Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D. Moringa oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties, Part 1. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 21205-2185)

Pods used as antipyretic, anthelmintic and fried pods are used by diabetics.

If eaten raw, pods act as a de-wormer and treat liver and spleen problems and pains of the joints.

Due to high protein and fibre content they can play a useful part in treating malnutrition and diarrhoea.

Flowers used as cholagogue, stimulant, diuretic.

Root juiceā€”cardiac tonic, antiepileptic. Used for nervous debility, asthma, enlarged liver and spleen, deep-seated inflammation and as diuretic in calculus affection. Decoction is used as a gargle in hoarseness and sore throat.

Root and fruit used as antiparalytic.

Leaf juice is used in hiccough and cooked leaves are given in influenza and catarrhal affections.

Leaves rubbed against the temple can relieve headaches.

A poultice of fresh leaves use to stop bleeding from a shallow cut.

Leaves also have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to wounds or insect bites.

Leaf extracts can be used against bacterial or fungal skin complaints.

Leaf tea treats gastric ulcers and diarrhoea.

Leaves treat fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, and inflammation of the mucus membrane.

The iron content of the leaves is high, and they are reportedly prescribed for anemia in the Philippines.

Stem, bark and flower used as hypoglycaemic agent.

Seeds used as an infusion, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and diuretic; given in venereal diseases.

Seeds also used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp, sexually transmitted diseases and boils.

Roasted seeds and oil can encourage urination.

They can also be used as a relaxant for epilepsy.

Moringa seeds may be used against skin-infecting bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. They contain the potent antibiotic and fungicide terygospermin.

Properties and Action (Ayurveda Philosophy and Princeple)

Therapeutic Uses in Ayurvedic

Sopha (Oedema)
Gulma (Gaseous masses /phantom tumors)
Krimiroga (Worm infections)
Pliharoga (enlarged spleen)
Vidradhi (A skin disease)
Galaganda (Goitres)

Side Effect

  No side effect as such but pregnant lady should avoid the use if seed, seed oil, root, bark of Malunggay/Moringa as these are of Abortifacient properties.